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Madrid Encouraged to’sit and Speak’ with Catalan regional leaders

Last updated on October 22, 2019

Catalonia’s regional government leader called on Madrid to start discussions on self-determination to the Spanish area Tuesday, after days of unrest triggered by the prison sentences for nine separatist leaders.

“No one could pub this nation from continuing to progress based on what its citizens desire… We shall always defend the right of self-determination from Catalonia,” explained Quim Torra.

The area saw seven successive nights of protests following nine Catalan separatist leaders who had been convicted of sedition for directing a failed 2017 bid for liberty.

Things have calmed down somewhat but the Committees for the Defence of the Republic (CDR) — the umbrella set of unique businesses — called for one more rally on Tuesday night.

The regional leader attempted to fulfill Sanchez while he had been in Catalonia but had been rebuffed.

On Monday, tens of thousands of peaceful protesters waved placards advocating Sanchez to”sit and speak” with Torra.

However, the government has said discussions are hopeless with Torra till he condemns the violence.

In his response, Torra requested”for dialog with conditions” however his reply didn’t mention that the violence. Torra had stated on Saturday that he’d consistently condemned the violence.

A spokeswoman for the pro-independence celebration Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), which is allied with Torra’s group, condemned Sanchez for not speaking right to the government.

“Sanchez is denying dialog for the umpteenth time.

However, the chief of Spain’s most important opposition center-right People’s Party, Pablo Casado said Sanchez’s response wasn’t strong enough.