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Mahatma Gandhi made all the difference in that world: Nancy Pelosi

“Mahatma Gandhi made all the difference in the world in our nation,” Speaker Pelosi said in a Gandhi anniversary occasion, including, speaking to King being motivated by Gandhi’s notion of satyagraha and non-violent struggle he brought back from a trip to India in 1959.

“That is a debt that we owe to India,” Pelosi added.

She predicted the anniversary occasion, co-hosted from the Indian Embassy in the Library of Congress on US congress campus,” very private to me personally” recounting her debut to Mahatma Gandhi’s faith and ideals when she had been a”little woman” in college in the 1950s.

“`Who do you think you’re, Mahatma Gandhi?’ Pelosi didn’t know who Gandhi was in the time and moved into the library and see every publication on him saved there. And there were many, she added with a feeling of wonder since it had just been a couple of years since his departure.

The speaker talked at length about Gandhi’s influence on Dr King and also the value of his ideas into the current world and among the gravest of challenges facing it today, climate shift.

“As the torch passed from Gandhi to Dr. King,” she added, “the flashlight now belongs to us.”

Pelosi might have picked up the significance of Gandhi for its climate change battle from External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, who talking before her, ” stated, “Now, if there’s 1 challenge that Gandhiji wants us to concentrate on, (that might ) be climate change”

Jaishankar had summarized Gandhi’s influence on a lot of the socio-economic policies of the Modi government earlier and proceeded on detail the function India played stitching up the Paris accord bringing together the many disparate parties and also for establishing the inner solar alliance.