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Mail carrier whose truck hijacked One of Seven dead in Texas mass shooting

Mail carrier Mary Granados was lonely in her US Postal Service truck when she had been shot and murdered by a gunman who hijacked the snowy automobile amid his frenzy of violence.

Granados, 29, was one of seven individuals between the ages of 15 and 57 murdered Saturday. The other 22 were injured like a toddler.

US Postal Service officials said in a statement Sunday that they had been”shocked and saddened” by these events, but were”particularly mourning the loss of the postal relative.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stated the 17-month-old woman is recovering but faces operation on Monday to remove shrapnel from her chest. Abbott says that the mom texted: “Her mouth is awful, but will cure and may be repaired. Happily, it does not look like her chin has been struck. Just lips, tongue, and teeth. .We are thanking God for curing her and love continued prayers.”

Daniel Munoz, 28, who was wounded, remembered the harrowing story of coming to the route of the gunman, who was afterward murdered by officials. He immediately discovered that which he feared for a barrel of a gun in front of the motorist.

“That is my road instincts: whenever a vehicle is approaching you, and you also find a gun of any sort, just get down,” Munoz, who transferred out of San Diego about a year ago to operate in oil nation, told The Associated Press. “Fortunately I got down. He let off three or more shots .”

He is not exactly clear, but it seems one shot hit on the motor, another hit the driver’s side and a third a back window. He said he is physically OK but confused by the experience.

“I am only hoping to turn the corner and that I have shot — I am getting shot ?” Munoz said. “What is the world coming to? For real?