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Maintaining rooms Tourists and Full Secure, how Greek Resorts survive as People arrive

Lots of Greece’s resorts are reopening this summer with particular security measures in place in a bid to salvage a shortened tourism period.

The challenge would be to fill rooms while maintaining guests equally secure and socially distanced, in the minute guest’s check-up till the point they depart.

Greece’s National Health Organisation recommends big parties are avoided, especially inside, and that each surface and thing in public places are sanitized regularly.

Hotel rooms should also be thoroughly ventilated and cleaned, whether they are available to the general public.

1 resort on the island of Naxos provides an info sheet in each area, telling guests the way they maintain themselves and others safe.

Room keys are completely disinfected and remote controls for the air conditioning have been wrapped in plastic sheeting that’s substituted for each new guest.

“We needed to choose between a vacant hospital-type space and a gorgeous, warm, welcoming area,” said Konstantinos Stamatopoulos, the person who owns the resort in Naxos.

“Hence, we used specific cleaning stuff, certified and accepted by the Greek National Organisation for Medicines, so we do not spare anything concerning the protection of our employees and guests”.

The identical resort no longer provides a breakfast buffet instead, it asks guests to create a choice from five menus the night before, although it’s still functioned at the public restaurant place.

Additionally, there are more rigorous occasions for guest motions: check out must be no later than 11 am and fresh arrivals cannot enter their rooms before 3 pm, allowing plenty of time for a thorough clean of those chambers.

Hotel owners such as Stamatopoulos will be expecting the steps they’ve taken will be sufficient to lure at least a few holidaymakers to make it to Greece this summer.