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Mali States at least 35 soldiers killed in militant attack

Thirty-five Malian soldiers had been killed in a militant attack on a military place in northern Mali on Friday, the military said, warning the death toll was still provisional.

The assault deals another blow to the West African nation’s army, which is still reeling from fatal jihadist raids in late September that underscored the increasing reach and elegance of armed groups operating in the area.

“The toll has risen to 35 murdered on the face of the Malian armed forces,” the military said in a post on its FB page.

In their stronghold from Mali, groups with al Qaeda and Islamic State connections have managed to fan out over the Sahel, destabilizing portions of Niger and Burkina Faso.

Thirty-eight Malian soldiers had been murdered on Sept. 30 in coordinated strikes on two military bases in central Mali, which has slipped out of government management regardless of the existence of the French military and other foreign forces.