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Man charged with Mortal 1982 Assault on kosher restaurant at Paris

Among the suspects at a 1982 assault on a kosher restaurant in Paris was on Saturday charged with murder and attempted murder.

Walid Abdulrahman Abou Zayed was extradited by Norway on Friday, where he’d settled in 1991. A worldwide arrest warrant has been issued by France because of his arrest in 2015. He’s currently in pre-trial detention.

“I don’t like France. I don’t wish to move to prison in France,” said Abou Zayed, when he appeared in court in Norway in September.

Zayed, who’s now 63, told the court that he was innocent, which he had been in Monte Carlo on the afternoon of the assault.

A set of three to five guys threw a grenade to the Jo Goldenberg pub. Then they opened fire on individuals indoors with machine-guns and subsequently turned on passers-by.

Zayed’s extradition paved the way for a trial that has been awaited from the sufferers and their families.

France has issued three additional global arrest warrants against two people located in Jordan along with a third from the West Bank that is suspected of having engaged in or prepared that the assault.