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Manhunt continues for German Woods’Rambo’ who disarmed police officers

German governments are continuing their large scale manhunt for a defendant who disarmed four police officers made off with their weapons on Sunday.

Countless officers have been involved in the hunt for 31-year-old Yves Rausch from the Black Forest area near Offenburg.

Rausch is considered to be aware of the woods area well and authorities think he’s gone into hiding.

In the previous four days, authorities state they’ve researched over 270 clues about lands in the woods and possible sightings of the defendant. Caves, bunkers, and older buildings in the region have been hunted.

Police also said that they struck somebody who resembles the defendant on Thursday afternoon but it turned out to be a false alert.

Rausch is thought to have originally cooperated when he had been approached by police on Sunday, before”hugely threatening” them to put their firearms. That can be when he disarmed four officers fled to the woods with their firearms.

“Unexpectedly, and entirely unexpectedly for its officers, he pulled out a firearm and threatened with the researchers, leaving them no opportunity to respond to this dangerous situation,” Offenburg police stated.

No-one was hurt in the market, which happened about 30 kilometers from Germany’s border with France.

Police have warned residents to remain inside while officials, supported by strategic groups, sniffer dogs and helicopters, combed the surrounding region.

German air traffic management had issued a ban on flights and drones inside a radius of 3 nautical miles of Oppenau.

A pre-trial arrest warrant has been issued for the defendant in the request of their Offenburg people prosecutor, because of”urgent feeling of especially severe predatory extortion in deliberate criminal possession of a firearm”.