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Mantes-la-Jolie: French judge to probe Authorities’torture’ of high school Pupils allegations

Social networking videos had sparked outrage around France, revealing young people from handcuffs during clashes over high school disputes at Mantes-la-Jolie, west of the French capital.

Pupils, aged between 12 and 21, were pictured in their knees, heads, and using their hands in their heads for many hours, watched by armed authorities.

A police officer filming the scene may be heard saying: “This is a course that’s wise.”

French interior ministry, Christoph Castaner, afterward reported that 151 individuals were detained, a few carrying weapons.

No pupils were believed to be hurt, and also a high number of those detained were immediately released from police custody with a warning.

Following the episode, many families and the high school student marriage UNL lodged appeals against”police violence” however a preliminary internal investigation by the authorities was dismissed in July 2019.

The mind of Oxfam France, Cécile Duflot, tweeted that she believed that the scenes in Mantes-la-Jolie college were”simply intolerable”.

The mayor of Mantes-la-Jolie, Raphael Cognet, additionally published a statement following the pictures circulated social networking, “condemn[ing] together with the largest stability this violence and… the traumatism people have gone through”.

The new appointment of an investigating judge was asked in March from the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office, an attorney for the initial complainant told AFP.

Complainants have accused the authorities of”torture by individuals responsible for a public authority”, six months following the initial claim was registered with one of those detained, according to AFP citing resources.

The analysis may also examine claims of this”torture of a 15-year-old small, random violation of freedom by an individual holding public authority, aggravated violence” and”dissemination with no approval of an identifiable individual handcuffed and criminally challenged”.

However, the Union of Police officials stated: “the nation is walking on its mind” after information of the judicial evaluation.

“The intervention of police officers had put an end to the riots through which particular’high school pupils’ had put rubbish bins on fire then pitched gas bottles ” the union composed on Twitter.