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Mario Draghi’s Closing ECB meeting

Last updated on November 2, 2019

No rate cut, no new steps, and no new statements. This ECB meeting had another schedule, at least unofficially.

Visibly in a fantastic mood, Mario Draghi gave his final evaluation on the condition of the eurozone market.

Mario Draghi, ECB President: “This downturn in growth mostly reflects the continuing weakness of global commerce in an environment of persistent worldwide doubts, which are still weighing on the euro area manufacturing industry and therefore are dampening investment development.”

With much more personal questions than Draghi was asked what is going to be performing following the ECB and when he’ll eventually become next President of Italy.

Mario Draghi, ECB President: “For a lot of what I will do next, as I mentioned earlier – Just ask my wife, she will understand better, I presume.”