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Martin Scorsese blasts Marvel Movies again:’It isn’t cinema, we should Not be it’

According to CNET, the iconic filmmaker stated the Marvel films were”not theatre” and these movies had transformed cinema halls to”amusement parks”.

“Theatres are very entertainment parks. The worth of a movie which resembles a theme park movie, Marvel-type movies, where theaters become entertainment parks, that is another experience,” Scorsese said.

The Irishman manager said theater owners will need to up their game, not let such movies to”invade” the space, which he considers, is deserved by”storyline movies”.

“It is not cinema, it is something else, we should not be it, so that’s a significant problem and we want the theatre owners to measure up to allow theaters to show movies which are narrative movies,” he added.

In his prior remarks, Scorsese said the MCU movies do not serve the aim of cinema and therefore are quite a theme park experience. He’d stated he’s seen a few of those Marvel Studios jobs and found them missing about the”emotional and mental experiences”.

The manager’s remarks sparked a broken discussion that has many MCU-related titles, like filmmakers James Gunn and Joss Whedon, actors Samuel L Jackson and Karen Gillan protecting the studio, together with Robert Downey Jr stating Scorsese was eligible for an opinion.

Friends alum Jennifer Aniston overly weighed in about the controversy, stating Marvel movies were in charge of the diminishing quality of film experience.