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Marvel fans totally Overlooked this Avengers Endgame Easter egg Which has Psychological connection to Tony Stark

Last updated on April 20, 2020

Marvel Studios has contributed an Avengers: Endgame Easter egg which demonstrates Tony Stark is the center of the group. Tony, played with Robert Downey Jr, was murdered at the end of the movie.

Included in a Twitter thread started from the Walt Disney Company, many Disney subsidiaries united shared and in Easter eggs which had remained hidden all these years. Marvel, meanwhile, shared a picture from Endgame.

From the picture, the Avengers bulge fists before they are sucked in the Quantum Realm for its Time Heist sequence. The top-shot indicates the heroes linking hands over the entry to the time machine, which can be intentionally designed to resemble a specific thing from Tony’s last: his very first arc reactor.

The reactor was constructed by Tony when he had been kidnapped at the start of the very first Iron Man film, and helped him to endure the ordeal. Pepper Potts afterward presented the reactor into Tony, together with the inscription: “Proof that Tony Stark has a hub ” The reactor was afterward brought back at the end of Endgame, for Tony’s funeral landscape.

Fans responded to the tweet using GIFs. While a few were ignored, others provided their respects to Marvel for such a well thought gesture.

Endgame is the top-grossing movie ever, unadjusted for inflation.