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Marvel is Shooting the Quantified approach to Present Fantastic Four, Setup next big villain

Marvel Studios Will take the slow-and-steady Method of introducing the Fantastic Four from the MCU. According to a report on MCU Cosmic, the studio will present these new characters very similar to the way it attracted Black Panther to the fold.

Studio president Kevin Feige has stated that the strategy to present these fan-favorite personalities will unfold slowly.

After hammering the studio’s Stage IV lineup in the San Diego Comic-Con this past year, Feige stated, “So this is Stage 4, thank you. Currently, there’s a good deal of other things we did not get to discuss today. We did not even mention that we are making Black Panther 2. We did not mention that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is forthcoming. We did not have the time to speak about Captain Marvel 2, incidentally. I didn’t have the time to discuss the wonderful Four. And there is no time to chat about mutants.”

This resembles the way Wakanda was released in Captain America: Civil War, before being completely explored in the Dark Panther movie. “From the comic books,” the report stated, “she is the successor to Doctor Doom afterward he had been deposed because the ruler of Latveria and used the Doctor Doom name for a moment.”

Doctor Doom final appeared on display in 2015’s unfortunate Fantastic Four movie, where he had been played with Toby Kebbell.