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McAfee software Creator Detained by Spanish Authorities over tax evasion

John McAfee, the American founder of McAfee antivirus applications, was detained by Spanish authorities at Barcelona airport.

The 75-year-old entrepreneur had been desired by the USA for tax evasion and has been arrested as he boarded a flight to Turkey, Spanish police state.

He’s now in custody near Barcelona awaiting extradition.

The arrest comes one day after a US prosecutor issued an indictment from McAfee for failing to announce millions of dollars in earnings in the marketing of (virtual) crypto-currencies, consultancy services, and rights offered for a documentary to be made about his life.

The indictment states McAfee failed to meet his tax obligations between 2014 and 2018 and supposedly had his earnings deposited to bank and crypto-currency accounts in the name of other people to evade tax.

The company also supposedly hid assets, such as property, a yacht, and a vehicle, in other people’s names.

Online court records don’t reveal whether McAfee has a lawyer to speak on his behalf concerning the fees, and he hasn’t publicly commented about the fees.

US police had issued an arrest warrant through Interpol to ask his extradition. If convicted of all charges, McAfee may face up to 30 years.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has also brought civil charges against McAfee, alleging that he had been paid over $23 million ($19.5 million) in electronic funds for”essentially useless” promotions.

John McAfee made a fortune from the 1980s with his eponymous net antivirus applications but has lately become embroiled in a lot of controversies.

In July 2019he had been released from detention from the Dominican Republic, after he and five other people were suspected of travel to a yacht carrying high-caliber firearms, ammunition, along with military-style equipment.