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Mediterranean rescue charities disagree whether to Operate during pandemic

Two large migrant rescue charities working in the Mediterranean have dropped out over whether to keep search and rescue missions during the pandemic.

Doctors Without Borders dropped out with SOS Mediteranee once it place its rescue boat Ocean Viking into port in Marseille.

Additionally, it is condemned Germany, Italy, and Malta for shutting their vents to rescued individuals in reaction to this pandemic.

However, SOS Mediteranee states it is only going to operate under maritime law and secure conditions.

Meanwhile, the 146 rescued migrants on board the German rescue boat Alan Kurdi happen to be moved onto a bigger boat following a seven-year ordeal at sea.

The Italian Red Cross is now organizing for them to be put in quarantine for a couple of weeks on the ferry at the Sicilian port of Palermo.

What happens to them after that isn’t yet understood.