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Meet Alison Jackson, the controversial British artist with Star culture in her Landscapes

It is uncommon for art students to make these contentious work during their research which they’re threatened with expulsion – but Alison Jackson was not an art student.

She had been staring after her career in art before it had begun when she triggered a national furor. Jackson took a picture depicting the newly deceased Princess Diana with Dodi al Fayed and also a baby – presented by lookalikes.

Having a fascination with why people think they understand stars despite actually knowing very little about these, Jackson has targeted a lot of an A-lister together with her legs.

The Royal Family stays a source of inspiration for a lot of her job, however, the likes of US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson maintain Jackson busy.

Learn more about Alison, and also just how hard wigs would be to cope with, at the player above.