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Meet with the 106-year-old who’s the UK’s Earliest known COVID-19 survivor

She lived through the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak, watched out two world wars and today she has become the UK’s oldest known section of COVID-19.

The prior sales assistant has been admitted to hospital in March with disabilities diagnosed and symptoms using COVID-19 shortly afterward.

In a video released by the hospital, Titchen stated she felt”blessed” to have lived and that she had been anticipating seeing her grandma.

Kitchen was created in September 1913.

Granddaughter Alex Jones stated Kitchen”has experienced a very active life” and stays independent.

She said that her grandma still cooked for himself but also enjoyed a visit to McDonald’s now and then.

For many individuals, the coronavirus causes moderate or mild symptoms, like cough and fever, which clear up in a couple of weeks.

However, it may cause more severe illness, such as pneumonia, and death for some people, particularly older adults and individuals with existing health issues.

The country has only expanded its lockdown for the following 3 weeks.