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MH17 Defendant asks to Tackle court in person Because he denies involvement

A defendant in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) has requested to be permitted to present his version of events in court, denying any participation since the trial resumed from the Netherlands.

All of 298 passengers and crew perished as a consequence of the crash in Ukraine, which prosecutors say was due to a Buk missile fired from land in a portion of Ukraine maintained by pro-Russian rebels.

They declared that the missile was hauled into Ukraine in the Russian foundation along with the launcher was shipped back after the airplane was removed.

Trial in absentia
Pulatov – the sole defendant represented by attorneys at the road – requested through his attorney Sabine ten Doesschate to be allowed to talk in person in the trial.

“Our customer has advised us he had nothing to do with ordering, protecting, hiding and hauling a Buk missile into Pervomaisk, teaching its team, shooting or ordering the shooting a Buk missile or the downing of MH17,” ten Doesschate informed the courtroom.

“Oleg Pulatov can discuss it. If it had been up to him he would rather do this now than tomorrow at the hearing.

“We firmly advised him,” she added, as he’d be likely to be detained if he went to the Netherlands, because of an active global arrest warrant.

The defense would be to request additional investigations into the cause of the crash, also ten Doesschate advised the judges that the requests will be filed in writing and they may be discussed while the trial following resumes in November.

Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis stated that he had been”unpleasantly surprised” by the delay — that the defense investigation requests were anticipated to be discussed at Monday’s hearing.

He adjourned the hearing to go over the upcoming steps together with his fellow judges.

The trial, still in a preliminary phase, is predicted to last well into 2021, and will resume on 3 November.