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MH17: Dutch court rejects Criminal Lawyer Asks for Additional investigation

The Dutch court case about the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has resisted requests to analyze alternative theories to describe the catastrophe.

The Dutch prosecutor’s office considers that MH17 was taken down with a ground-to-air missile fired from a Place in eastern Ukraine commanded by pro-Russian separatists

All of 298 passengers and crew on board the airplane were killed.

In June, law attorneys for a single defendant, Oleg Pulatov, requested the court to permit different possibilities to be analyzed to describe the devastation of the airplane, including the thought that a Ukrainian fighter might be involved.

However, Judge Hendrik Steenhuis refused this petition on Wednesday, saying it was”up to the prosecution to demonstrate the major thesis”.

“When the prosecution can’t establish the major thesis, then the accused will be acquitted anyhow,” Steenhuis advised the hearing, thus, the significance of considering alternate theses is reduced”.

The judge rejected Oleg Pulatov’s supply to answer the court’s questions in writing, saying he had been”encouraged to be present in the hearing and also to answer questions in open session”.

The court has nevertheless awarded several requests for additional investigations such as interviews with witnesses and assessing whether some photo and video evidence could have been manipulated.

An interrogation was arranged to the commander of the 53rd Russian Anti-Aircraft Brigade based in Kursk, from where researchers say the missile came out.

Russia had rejected an identical petition from the prosecution.

The judges also signaled that Oleg Pulatov may wonder his commander and co-defendant, Sergei Dubinsky, about phone tapping, and the prosecution has greatly relied on.

Platov, a former associate of the Russian special powers, is alleged to have assisted in the convoy of the anti-aircraft missile system by the Russian Kursk foundation to Ukraine.

Another three defendants have been tried in absentia and also don’t have attorneys present.

The suspects – Pulatov, Dubinsky, Igor Girkin, and Ukrainian national Leonid Khartchenko – are just four high heeled officials of these pro-Russian separatists in southern Ukraine.

Wednesday’s hearing, which marks the conclusion of the pretrial stage of the landmark event, happened at a high-security area near Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

Judge Hendrik Steenhuis has scheduled another hearing for 1 February 2021.