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Migrant rescue operations Remain in the Mediterranean Regardless of COVID-19 pandemic

The NGO boat Ocean Viking, operated by SOS Mediterranee, state 50 guys, and a single pregnant woman were among those rescued.

Search and rescue patrols from the Mediterranean Sea recommenced this past month following a temporary suspension, on account of this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will need to guess that possibly anyone boarding the boat may be bearing COVID-19,” Frédéric Penard, the Manager of Operations for SOS Mediterranee, informed Euronews.

“This means that regions on the boat have been split to restrict the mixing of individuals, which can be a significant struggle on a 70-meter-long ship”

Penard added that protective gear was also used broadly onboard the Ocean Viking, by both team and people rescued.

“All will be tracked throughout the time they’ll stay on board,” he informed Euronews.

On June 17, a further 211 individuals were rescued from the Mediterranean from the German NGO boat Sea-Watch 3, by their social networking stations.

Twenty-eight later tested positive for COVID-19 after their move to a different boat, based on Sicilian President Nello Musumeci.

People who tested positive are now being held in Porto Empedocle at Lampedusa.

Nello Musumeci stated on Facebook that Sicily had”stubbornly demanded” an answer in the Italian authorities on April 12 to stop outbreaks growing to the island’s land.

The two SOS Mediterranee and Sea-Watch insist they’re following rigorous social distancing and quarantine measures.

“We’ve got a health staff on board, using a physician, two nurses, and also a midwife. The majority of them are already trained really, they have been focusing on Covid-19 patients onshore before embarking,” Frédéric Penard informed Euronews.

“The battle we’d was to not possess COVID-19 onboard throughout the team. We place the 33 members under quarantine, to ensure the boat was not carrying Covid-19 when she set sail out of Marseille.

“Subsequently the procedure onboard… we track temperatures and make certain men and women isolate you from another. Physical distancing is complex on a little ship… therefore we compensate that from using PPE (personal protective equipment) and also the capability to isolate any cases.”

Fairer states in summertime result in a sharp gain in the number of individuals trying to create the dangerous crossing from north Africa to southern Europe.

Charities warn the outbreak hasn’t dissuaded people from trying to make the travel, and have called on EU states to formulate a joint reaction.