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Migrants Coming in Greece say they Don’t Have Any protection against coronavirus

Since the coronavirus tragedy spreads, migrants trying to enter Europe are at a vulnerable place with very little if any help.

The nation is on lockdown however, the migrants complain they have been given no security.

“They said due to coronavirus you’ll end up here 14 days,” stated this migrant from Afghanistan. “We’re here 56 individuals, six African American and most people Afghans. They did not give us glasses. They did not provide us any masks”

The UN office on Lesbos explained the camp living conditions.

Last month neighboring Turkey stated it’d no more stop migrants from going towards Greece.

The outcome is a boundary crisis between the two historical competitors. Greek governments have stated no migrants who came after March 1 will have the ability to apply for asylum.

The island officials also have complained there is not any more space for new arrivals.