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Migrants moved into new camp on Lesbos after Reliving in overcrowded Moria

Hundreds of migrants and refugees have been transferred to a new camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Thousands were left alive on the side of the street after flames destroyed their past overcrowded camp.

Wearing masks and white coveralls, authorities escorted migrants into the brand new army-built camp at the island Kara Tepe region.

The new camp contains big family tents built at a field by the ocean.

From Wednesday night, it had a capacity of approximately 8,000 people, according to the UN refugee agency, but just around 1,100 largely vulnerable individuals had entered.

New arrivals have been analyzed for their coronavirus and enrolled before being assigned a tent.

The famously squalid Moria camp burnt down a week, leaving over 12,000 individuals in need of emergency shelter.

Moria had a capacity of only over 2,700 individuals, but more than 12,500 individuals were living in and about it when it burnt down.

The camp and its squalid states were held up by critics as a sign of Europe’s failed migration policies.