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Minneapolis: National Guard Set up as George Floyd protests escalate

Protests over the killing of an unarmed black man by police in America town of Minneapolis have grown increasingly violent, with all the National Guard being deployed as well as the president threatening to get looters shot.

George Floyd was murdered on Tuesday, after having been handcuffed by police. Widely shared movie of this episode indicates a white police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck, together with the handcuffed victim telling the police officer that he can’t breathe. Shortly later he’s revealed to be motionless.

His departure has sparked widespread protests from the city and surrounding regions. A police HQ at the town, a focus of a few of the protests, was set on Thursday night after being abandoned by the authorities. The National Guard said over 500 soldiers are deployed throughout the region.

However numerous fires are begun in buildings near the police HQ, and a guy was shot dead on Wednesday, maybe by the owner of a pawn shop, authorities said.

Protests also have spread to other US cities. In NYC, protesters defied New York’s coronavirus prohibition on public parties, clashing with police, while demonstrators blocked traffic in downtown Denver.

President Donald Trump chose Twitter to issue a danger: “if the looting begins, the shooting starts”.

Police say George Floyd was arrested on Monday since he matched the description of somebody who attempted to cover using a fake bill in a convenience store, and also the 46-year-old resisted arrest.

The FBI is running a”strong criminal investigation” to Floyd’s departure. The officer who had been kneeling on his throat, Derek Chauvin, was fired along with others who had been involved with the arrest. The mayor has called for Chauvin to become criminally charged.