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Mobile banking Company’Present’ sues Facebook over Calibra Emblem

Interestingly, the symbols were created by San Francisco-based branding company’Character’, which has been named as a defendant in the suit.

According to the lawsuit filed by a cell banking company called Current, Calibra’s emblem “is not just confusingly similar to, but almost identical to the recent Marks”.

It is still uncertain how it occurred, but Current had filed an application because of its emblem on June 26, a couple of days later Calibra has been unveiled, Engadget reported Sunday quoting CoinDesk.

Calibra was introduced since the branch that could oversee Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans, for example, the growth of a pocket.

Meanwhile, many companies like Visa, Mastercard, and eBay pulled from their Libra cryptocurrency job before the initial meeting in Geneva on October 14.

PayPal was the first to declare its withdrawal in the Libra Association, the 28-member non-profit organization made by the social media giant to the worldwide roll from its electronic money Libra in 2020.