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Models get a taste for the sweet at Paris Chocolate Fair

The 25th Paris Chocolate Fair, or Le Salon du Chocolat, watched versions take to the catwalk in outfits made from the candy treat.

The series on Tuesday celebrated chocolate-producing nations globally such as Peru, Ivory Coast, and the Philippines, including traditional music from and outfits inspired by every nation.

The First Lady of Ivory Coast, Dominique Folloroux-Ouattara, was one of the crowd viewing models for this season’s Miss France, Vaimalama Chaves, strut their stuff.

Designer Elsa Muse clarified the degree of work that goes into such a dress. She created 2,000 individual chocolate rings and coated them in various textures with cocoa powder and crushed cherry to make a pattern, before threading every pearl to an elastic chain to be attached to the dress.

The Paris Chocolate Fair, which runs till 3 November brings together 500 chocolate and participants in 20 nations. Visitors may attend chocolate-making presentations, a display on the history of the chocolate style show, or sample the inventions of 230 distinct exhibitors.