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‘Moldova is at a crossroads,’ Chief of pro-European Resistance Maia Sandu Informs Euronews

Moldovans Visit the polls on November 1 to Select the country’s next president at a Selection between East and West.

She informed Euronews about why she believes the election is significant and she’s searching to get Moldova free of the consequences of Moscow.

“Moldova is in the crossroads. It becomes a practical state with capable leadership, also it will become a failed state,” Sandu explained.

“A functional state implies, to begin with, a country which prevents corruption, which promotes companies. We need a president who is going to shield Moldova’s national interests no matter if this is in connection with Russia or other nations.”

A number of her party’s billboards read: “He believes he could steal the election”

“He (Dodon) is attempting to rig the elections,” maintained Sandu. “we’ve been sending these powerful messages to stop him from doing this. However, in the event he’ll pursue his strategies, we are warning him that individuals will visit the streets since this is exactly what people tell us”

From the nation’s 2016 elections, Dodon’s eyesight won him 52.11percent of their vote to Sandu’s 47.89 percent.

At this moment, most opinion polls have Sandu beforehand with a narrow benefit.

But one pair of survey results published on Friday, October 23, from the Association of Sociologists and Demographers, tipped Dodon to receive 32.5percent of their votes and Sandu 18.4 percent.

Political observers believe the vote will visit a run-off – a narrow choice between the following integration with Europe or staying beneath Russia’s wing.