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Montenegro becomes first Nation in Balkans into legalise same-sex Corporate Ventures

Montenegro has been the first European nation out of both Western Europe and the EU to legalize same-sex partnerships.

A new bill passed Wednesday provides same-sex partners equal legal rights as heterosexual ones except for child adoption.

Forty-two MPs voted in favor of this law at the capital Podgorica, while five were against it.

The LGBT Forum Progres team stated the bill has”unspeakably tremendous significance for all LGBT persons in Montenegro”.

“I frankly did not think that it would and I can’t return to my senses this occurred in Montenegro,” tweeted John Barac, executive manager of LGBT Forum Progress.

Montenegro’s authorities had hoped that the law could be authorized to push ahead with attempts to join the European Union. Enhancing the rights of minority groups has been regarded as an essential measure for the EU integration procedure.

Prime Minister Dusko Markovic explained the movement on Twitter as”a fantastic step in the ideal direction for Montenegrin society, its democratic maturity and integration procedures”.

“There could be no room for discrimination based on sexual orientation at a European Montenegro”.

President Milo Djukanovic added on societal networking the legislation was”one step closer to linking the very developed world democracies”.

Montenegro has become a mostly conservative society in which LGBT communities have frequently faced harassment.

“A huge step was taken towards equality, but the path to actual equality remains ahead of us,” Jovan Ulicevic, manager of the Spektra institution, told AFP.

“We’re continuing the battle to make sure that everybody in society is admired”.