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More members of Trump’s inner circle analysis positive to COVID-19

White House aide Hope Hicks, several Republican senators, and media Secretary Kayleigh McEnany have tested positive, while other members of staff from the president’s press office also have returned a positive outcome.

“Over the past five times I have been working remotely and self-isolating, analyzing negative daily.

First woman Melania Trump has additionally been isolating upstairs at the White House.

Her office on Tuesday published a memo outlining extensive health and safety measures that were put in place at the executive home, including embracing hospital-grade disinfection policies, supporting”highest teleworking” and installing extra sanitization and filtration methods.

Home personnel in direct contact with the very first family are analyzed each day and encourage employees are tested every 48 hours. Considering that the president and first woman tested positive, employees were wearing”complete PPE”.

In terms of Trump’s retrieval, his physician, Navy Commander Sean Conley, stated in a letter that the president needed a”relaxed” Monday night in the White House and”reports no indications”.

Social platforms limit Trump post comparing influenza and COVID-19

Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday limited a newspaper by Trump where he indicated that the coronavirus isn’t quite as deadly as influenza” for many populations”.

Trump wrote on social networking platforms before on Tuesday: “Flu season is coming up! Lots of people each year, occasionally over 100,000, and even though the Vaccine, perish in the Flu [sic].

“Are we going to shut down our nation? No, we’ve learned to live with this, just as we’re learning how to live with COVID, in the majority of populations much less deadly!!!”

The article was eliminated from Facebook using Andy Stone, the organization’s policy communications manager, describing: “We eliminate incorrect info concerning the harshness of COVID-19, and we’ve removed this article.”

It is not the first time Trump’s articles about the publication coronavirus have been limited. Back in August, Facebook eliminated an article that included a movie of Trump asserting that kids were”nearly immune from COVID-19″.

It’s also not the first time Trump has compared COVID-19 into influenza: the initial triggered by a coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, whereas the other includes different strains of flu viruses.

However, is it accurate to say the former is”much less deadly” than the latter?

COVID-19 vs flu
Researchers are still trying to pinpoint the mortality rate of COVID-19, provided it is a newly-discovered virus nonetheless, present data suggest it’s a few times more lethal compared to the flu.

In reality, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated the crude mortality ratio of COVID-19 stays around 3-4 percent, whereas the very same data for seasonal flu is generally below 0.1 percent.

The WHO also sets worldwide estimates of influenza deaths involving 290,000 to 650,000 annually, whilst COVID-19, this season, has murdered more than 1 million individuals.

COVID-19 and flu in the United States
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quotes there happen to be approximately 12,000 — 61,000 deaths from flu in America annually since 2010. Nonetheless, it’s essential to be aware that these are only estimates.

Dr. Jeremy Faust, that operates in emergency medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, also is a teacher at Harvard Medical School, noted previously this season that CDC forecasts were created by”multiplying the amount of influenza death counts reported by several coefficients generated through complex algorithms.

“All these coefficients are based on assumptions of the number of circumstances, hospitalizations, and deaths that they think went bankrupt,” he wrote.

By minding flu deaths across the past six influenza seasons in precisely the same manner COVID-19 deaths are counted, he explained the toll lurks between 3,448 and 15,620.

In contrast, over 210,000 Americans have expired with COVID-19 between January and October 2020.

“When we compare, for example, the number of men and women who perished in the USA from COVID-19 at the 2nd full week of April into the number of individuals who died from flu during the worst week of their previous seven influenza seasons (as reported on the CDC), we discover that the book coronavirus murdered between 9.5 and 44 times more individuals than seasonal flu,” Faust composed.

“Quite simply, the coronavirus isn’t anything similar to the flu: It’s much, much worse”

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