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More than 150,000 Indians at UAE Enroll to return home

Last updated on May 3, 2020

More than 150,000 Indians from the UAE, who would like to return home before the coronavirus lockdown, have implemented throughout the online registration procedure into the Indian missions, based on media reports.

The Indian missions in the nation last week started online registration for those expatriates who want to fly back home after becoming stuck in the nation amidst the lockdown on account of this coronavirus pandemic.

Some of them need to go back to their homeland after losing their jobs,” he explained.

As per a report from the Khaleej Times on Sunday, about 40 percent of those applicants that have enrolled are blue-collared employees and 20 percent are working professionals.

Aggarwal explained that the statistics would change since they’re anticipating registrations from employees from different nations, such as Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.

Approximately 10 percent of those applicants are a tourist and visit visa holders that got stranded here on account of the continuing lockdown in India.

India extended the continuing lockdown by a couple of weeks from May 4 to include the spread of this coronavirus which has impacted almost 40,000 men and women in the nation.

Aggarwal explained that a few of those programs constitute individuals from pregnant girls and other medical scenarios.

Considering that the online registration procedure was started, the Consulate’s site crashed several times on account of the heavy rush of applicants wishing to enroll to fly back home.

“The website was functioning fine though it required a great deal of time for it to stabilize at the first phase because of the heavy traffic,” the counselor general said.

He explained that the assignments here haven’t yet obtained any advice from the Indian authorities regarding the mode of transportation of their flying taxpayers, the costs of the tickets, or the way the COVID-19 test results of candidates could be evaluated for their travel.

“You will find high-level talks going on seeing these items,” he explained in the report.

“Of which, the greatest amounts are in the UAE. At least 175,423 applicants have signed from the UAE,” Norka stated in an official announcement on Saturday.

Additionally, it obtained 54,305 registrations from Saudi Arabia, 2,437 by the united kingdom, 2,255 by the united states, and also 1,958 out of Ukraine from individuals who would like to return to India, the Khaleej Times reported.