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Murder investigation in Sweden Later 12-year-old Woman shot dead in drive-by gang violence

A murder investigation was launched after a 12-year-old woman was shot dead in Stockholm over the weekend.

The woman, who hasn’t yet been named, was captured at a gas station in the Botkyrka area of the Swedish capital on Sunday night.

She’s thought to have been walking her dog in the time and wasn’t thought to have become the goal but had rather been caught in the crossfire of a gang-related assault.

Based on local media, the drive-by shooting might have been targeting two members of a group — even authorities haven’t disclosed who they are.

Candles were placed in the scene of the shooting on Monday as ferocious debate resurfaced about gang-related violence about Stockholm.

It is a 12-year-old girl”

Authorities still haven’t made any arrests, but are thinking about speaking to the driver of a white car seen in the area at the time of this episode.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told news agency TT he felt”dismay and disgust” on the deadly shooting, and guaranteed”more authorities and harsher sentences”.

There were 163 shootings in the first half of 2020 in Sweden, resulting in 20 fatalities.

This may be compared to these 334 shootings reported this past year, with 42 deaths as an outcome.

Two girls were murdered just weeks apart from August a year after also getting caught in the crossfire.

It comes regardless of the government’s devoting more power to the authorities concerning surveillance and witness protection strategies.

Tougher sentences for medication and weapons-related offenses were also stepped after a surge in shooting incidents and bombings.