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Muslims will Grow against India: Imran Khan

The Problem in Kashmir will Induce more of the Planet’s Muslims towards extremism and Individuals”will Grow against India,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said during a speech at Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on Friday.

Khan made the comments while addressing a rally of several million people in PoK capital Muzaffarabad, that had been organized as a member of the Pakistan government’s protests each Friday against India’s August final decision to reverse Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

“When atrocities reach their summit, individuals will favor that death is much better than this insulting lifetime,” Khan said in the inaugural address. “I wish to tell India that by detaining thousands of people, you’re forcing people into extremism.

“Individuals will grow against India, and it isn’t only about Indian Muslims, you will find 1.25 billion Muslims across the world. They all are seeing this.”

He urged the global community to pressure India to provide Kashmiris the best of self-determination.

“The cause of me getting an ambassador of the Kashmiri people is that I’m a Pakistani, a Muslim and a person,” he explained.

There was no immediate response to Khan’s opinions from Indian officials.

Khan also advocated people in PoK not to approach the Line of Control (LoC) however to await his call and let him take up the Kashmir problem in New York.

“A courageous man can not do this. However much havoc you commit, you’ll never succeed because the people of Kashmir, be it women, children or the elderly, aren’t fearful of death,” he explained.

He also added, “We all need to understand that Modi was part of the RSS because he was a kid. It’s a Hindu extremist group, and they despise Muslims, Christians, and minorities.”

India has clarified the fluctuations in Kashmir as an internal thing and said Pakistan doesn’t have locus stand on the problem. With Pakistan’s leadership asserting that the problem in Kashmir could trigger a war, New Delhi has accused Islamabad of using the issue to encourage jihad and cyber warfare.

Khan said his administration had triumphed in internationalizing the Kashmir issue. The UN Security Council had held a meeting on Kashmir for the first time in 50 decades, and the European Union had said the matter ought to be solved based on UN resolutions,” he said.

“Over 40 MPs in Britain increased the Kashmir issue.