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‘My Eyesight is Nice’: Adult Movie star on ex-Pakistan envoy Abdul Basit’s J-K tweet gaffe

At a tongue-in-cheek remark, Sins chose to Twitter and thanked the prior Pakistan envoy for creating him all-the-more famed.

The adult movie superstar mocked Basit, stating that his”vision” is excellent.

“Shout out to @abasitpak1 for several of the brand new twitter followers! Thank you, but my eyesight is nice,” tweeted Sins.

The Ex-Pakistani High Commissioner to India got severely trolled afterward he re-tweeted an image of this adult film celebrity, mistaking him for a Kashmiri protester who lost his eyesight because of irreparable harm.

Basit’s tweet abandoned the net in splits, together with netizens with a field day on the awkward goof-up of this diplomat.

The tweet using an image of Sins read, “Yousuf out of Ananthnag, lost eyesight because of the pellet. .pls increase your voice.”

But Basit afterward deleted the tweet out of his deadline.

This isn’t the first time Pakistanis have indulged in these goof-ups.

A range of confirmed Twitter users from Pakistan, such as journalists and politicians, are sharing doctored, misinterpreted and older movies, and photographs promising them to be from Kashmir.

Within an even larger goof-up, which triggered Islamabad enormous humiliation, the nation’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, in 2017 revealed a photograph of a Palestinian girl in the body, saying it is a proof of”Indian brutality” in Kashmir.