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‘My honeymoon Is’ Destroyed ‘:’ Vodafone customers wrongly Billed Around $11,000 in Drifting bills

Vodafone has apologized to its clients following a”technical problem” that led to people being wrongly charged tens of thousands of euros in roaming costs.

The telephone company said in a statement on Monday it was”very sorry” for the mistake but “it could take some time” to repair it.

“You won’t be billed for any wrong quantities,” it added.

But regardless of the apology, lots of Vodafone customers have shared their fear of social media after finding invoices that racked around over $11,000, and locating their relationship had, consequently, been cut.

UK-based user David Gordon, who’s on his honeymoon,” said the discovery of a 9,567 ($10,000) invoice had left his trip”very stressful”.

Still another holidaymaker in Malta stated he was billed almost #5,000 ($5,600) for information over a single night, which his network support had been cut.

“I have been here a week and employed likely 10gig with no problem. I tried calling Vodafone this day and after one hour my system was cut away!

“So can not contact you. HELP.”

Several different holidaymakers around Europe — that is part of Vodafone’s”Roam-free destinations” — additionally reported problems, with a saying that the firm error had”destroyed our vacation”.

Meanwhile, some clients started begging to learn who’d obtained the maximum charge, together with Southampton consumer Michelle asking if anybody can beat her invoice for #10,127 ($11,500).

Within an updated announcement on Monday afternoon, Vodafone said it known that the”frustrations” of its clients, including that it might”proactively be connected” with people affected to talk about reimbursement.