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Nagorno-Karabakh: Exclusive footage Reveals bomb damage from border Cities as violence Persists

Civilians are continuing to reside with the danger of bombardments as the most recent flare-up between Azerbaijan and Armenia forces in Nagorno-Karabakh seems to have spilled over into cities across the boundary, footage filmed only by Euronews around the Azeri side reveals.

The city has become the target of significant Armenian bombardments within the past days, the same manner as cities on the Armenian-held facet have been bombarded also. In addition to the home, Terter’s shopping district has been also badly-damaged within a clear attack.

Meanwhile, Armenia on Monday accused Azerbaijan of shooting missiles to the primary town funding of the separatist land of Nagorno-Karabakh, Stepanakert, that will be called Khankendi from Azerbaijan.

Euronews filmed under oversight in Terter but without hindrance from the Azeri army.

And they hit over there. We have lived in Terter for quite a while and we are not scared to remain here,” one resident told Euronews.

The narrative at Terter is a familiar story in cities on each side of this Azeri-Armenian border.

In Naftallan, our film crew found buildings and houses destroyed.

Armenian bombardments also supposedly targeted Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second-largest city, in which our team discovered more bomb-damaged buildings and traumatized local men and women.

“I am sick and I had been cooking a meal for the son who is also sick. I turned about and everything was ruined,” one girl told our reporter.

Even if the immediate danger of bombardments has eased, undetonated shells still pose a threat to residents of the town.

Close into a family house, which seemed to still be occupied, our team discovered an unexploded 300-millimeter Smerch missile on the floor. Close by place a kid’s stroller along with other personal effects left by their owners.

It comes as Armenian army officials reported missile strikes at the primary city of this separatist-held land territorial capital of Stepanakert, which came under intense strikes all weekend.

Residents told the Russian country RIA Novosti news agency that regions of the town were affected by shortages of gas and electricity following the strikes.

Iran, which borders the two states, said it had been working with a peace plan for its decades-old battle, which reignited last month, and it has killed scores of individuals on each side.

The area of Nagorno-Karabakh lies within Azerbaijan but was under the management of ethnic Armenian forces backed by Armenia because of the conclusion of a separatist war in 1994.