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Nepal parliament speaker Detained over rape allegations

Authorities have detained the former speaker Nepal’s parliament following a female worker in the meeting accused him of rape.

A police van came in Krishna Bahadur Mahara’s house late Sunday and took him into custody following the district court ordered his arrest.

“He had been taken into custody to inquire into the situation,” Shyam Lal Gyawali, Kathmandu police spokesman told AFP.

Mahara, a senior member of this judgment Nepal Communist Party and former Maoist rebel, denied the allegation but resigned as speaker a week following the girl gave particulars of the attack to press.

The communist authorities had faced mounting pressure within the situation.

At a video interview released by the news site on Monday, the girl said Mahara was drunk when he came to her house on September 29. He persuaded her to consume alcohol before attacking her.

“I hadn’t thought it’d come to this. He compelled himself (on me)… he abandoned once I said I’ll call the authorities,” she explained in the interview.

The girl revealed obvious bruises on her arms, feet, and hands.

Police said that they went to her house the same night, however, she didn’t file a situation straight away.

Researchers gathered evidence such as a bottle of whiskey and a pair of broken spectacles, supposedly belonging to Mahara, authorities said.

On the other hand, the girl cried her allegation in mid-week, after what many were pressure and threats, media reports stated.

The government faced intense public pressure to be certain that the girl’s accusations were acted.

“The undersigned call upon all appropriate state governments to deliver a clear message of zero tolerance for some types of gender-based violence by anybody under any conditions,” the announcement read.