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Netherlands to Reduce national Rate Limitation to Resist nitrogen Contamination

The Netherlands has pledged to reduce its federal speed limit in an attempt to fight the nation’s continuing nitrogen contamination catastrophe.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte affirmed the modifications on Wednesday, stating the new maximum rate limit could be 100km/h (62mph) and could be enforced during daylight hours.

That is down from the present maximum rate limitation of 130km/h (80mph).

It comes within the most recent movement to attack the nation’s problem with nitrogen contamination, of which some gases have more negative consequences on the environment than CO2.

In May, a leading court in the Netherlands discovered that the country was in breach of EU legislation about its nitrogen emissions and it resulted in a block on highly-emitting actions, such as lots of building jobs.

Rutte said on Wednesday it was important these building jobs could resume.

Last month tens of thousands of farmers triggered the”busiest morning rush hour ” by utilizing their tractors to obstruct streets around The Hague to oppose the attention on pollution within their sector.