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New India-UK row over Kashmir Demonstration Intended for Diwali, pressure mounts at House secy Priti Patel

Last updated on October 25, 2019

Upset over London continuing to permit anti-India protests and lack of action against people involved in current violence, India has taken up the matter of the following Kashmir demonstration planned on Sunday, with pressure mounting on house secretary Priti Patel to prohibit it.

Even a note verbal’ (diplomatic note) was sent to the Foreign Office about the problem, increasing the amount of concern thus far voiced by large segments of the Indian area as well as British MPs with Republicans of Indian origin within their constituencies.

There’s fury in quarters that worries raised by the neighborhood and New Delhi over such anti-Indian actions are treated as”regular”, with little official actions to prevent them and bring those responsible for violence to justice. Britain’s official strategy to the Sunday demonstration is regarded as a test case’.

The day-long protest march is scheduled to start from Downing Street and finish beyond the India House. Anticipating nearly 10,000 individuals, Scotland Yard has a’sstrong’ policing program in place. Free coaches have allegedly been organized to ferry visitors to London daily.

“This Sunday, there’s the danger of 10,000 individuals being attracted to show beyond the Indian high commission on Diwali–the very sacred day for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. What action will the Government take to stop violent protests that this Sunday”.

Johnson responded: “I combine my hon. Buddy, that speaks strongly and well because of his constituency, in deploring presentations that wind up being intimidating whatsoever”.

“He will realize that this is a police operational thing, but I have only been talking to my proper hon. Friend the Home Secretary, also she’ll be raising it with the authorities. We should all be evident in this House that violence and intimidation anyplace in this state are completely unacceptable”.

An FCO spokesperson stated: “We honor the right to peaceful protest within the legislation but strongly prohibits any harm caused by diplomatic assignments. The security and safety of diplomatic assignments in the united kingdom, and their employees, is of extreme concern.

Khan a week condemned the demonstration program and called the organizers to cancel it. Khan and his Labour party have been in the receiving end of ennui from large parts of the Indian community across the violence in addition to embracing a crisis resolution on Kashmir in the party’s yearly convention that has been rejected by New Delhi as unfounded’.

Insisting as the mayor that he has no power to prohibit such protests,” Khan composed to Navin Shah, member of the London Meeting, who increased worries: “This march is only going to deepen branches at a time when Londoners have to come along…I know why lots of British Indians are deeply worried. Several have felt profoundly threatened and stressed since the preceding protests”.

“As mayor, I’ll continue to do everything I could to extend the hand of friendship to Londoners of Indian origin — that continue to create this unbelievable contribution to our town. I would like to make sure they feel respected, valued and made to feel secure in London, which London remains a welcoming spot to people from India and across the globe”, he added.

The mayor’s office,” Khan stated, is operating with the authorities to protect against a repeat of the violence seen during previous protests outside India House.