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New pact to make EU countries to take more migrants out of frontline Countries

The European Union will unveil a brand new migration pact which will require member countries to take more migrants out of frontline nations including Italy and Greece and deliver a stop to overcrowded camps such as the one at Moria around the island of Lesbos.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson says she is already bracing for tough immunity from Hungary, Poland, and northern European countries. However, as she informed Euronews correspondent Shona Murray, the new pact is aimed at building confidence and locating compromise between member nations.”

Johansson told Euronews it is”clear that Moria is the outcome, not just but partially, by the absence of a common European asylum and migration policy”

“I believe that we ought to concentrate on how we could systematically handle migration and I believe that is what European taxpayers ask. Migrants are similar to you and they are people, girls, and boys, they have different views, they have different experiences and they’re human beings and they must get treated just like this,” she continued.

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