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New Railroad Track Joins Prague, Vienna and Budapest during Outbreak

As global travel is decreased by the coronavirus pandemic, a private firm has established a brand new train service linking Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in the hopes it could compete with aviation.

RegioJet has made its name as a cheap bus company in the Czech Republic, serving destinations around Europe. The service has proven popular with pupils.

However, the company has become rail transportation throughout the previous ten years. Business owner Radim JanĨura considers the brand new ecosystem route across Central Europe is going to be marketable.

“Notably (for the) young creation, they’d love to become ecological. So it means they’ll like to travel by train, even if the traveling time is 4 to 6 months,” he advised Euronews.

The service reflects an increasing tendency for railroad services to compete with established air paths — something that’s already common on these Western European paths as Paris-London.

The RegioJet carriages are made to supply a similar amount of comfort to aviation, together with built-in touchscreens and meal support.

However, as a station-to-station provider, the seven-hour travel from Prague to Budapest isn’t the speediest.

A direct trip between the Czech and Hungarian capitals requires 90 minutes onto a road flown by both Ireland’s Ryanair and Czech Airlines.

However, RegioJet’s owners claim its service will be aggressive, and stage out time is required to go to the airport and there’s a wait until takeoff.