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New Zealand Asics Shop apologises over Pornography played on Large screens

The New Zealand arm of Western sports manufacturer Asics has apologized after porn was broadcast on large television screens over its central Auckland shop for many hours, startling Sunday morning shoppers.

Pornography played the merchant’s outside displays for up to nine months until employees arrived in the store about 10 am on Sunday and turned off them, the New Zealand Herald reported.

“Some people were shocked, while others simply stopped and observed,” security guard Dwayne Hinango informed the paper.

Asics New Zealand stated in a Facebook article, and an unidentified individual had obtained access to its televisions.

“Some objectionable content has been displayed on the displays,” the article said. “We want to apologize to anybody who might have seen this”

The business said it had been working with its applications and internet security providers to guarantee the situation wasn’t repeated.