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‘No Rationale, in this Point’ to Get a Brand New Brexit Expansion,” says France’s foreign Ministry

France sees”no rationale, in this point” to get a brand new Brexit expansion, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian informed parliament on Tuesday.

“The principal question has to be requested to the British who must state as soon as you can if it is a yes or a no (about accepting the Withdrawal Agreement Bill) since you are right to say we have been awaiting this choice for the previous 3 decades.”

“At this stage, we believe there is not any justification for a new expansion,” said Le Drian.

Before now, European Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker stated he considers the EU has performed”all in our power” to guarantee an orderly Brexit and the divorce bargain rests on the acceptance of British MPs before any European ratification.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hoping to maneuver a withdrawal arrangement during parliament so that Britain can depart the EU on October 31. However, he delivered a letter to the EU on Saturday to request an extension as needed by a former bill passed by MPs. Also, he sent another letter saying his lack of desire for this kind of extension.