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No Signs Swedish Mum Whined son for three Years, says prosecutor

A prosecutor in Sweden states there’s not any proof to support suspicions that a 70-year-old mother imprisoned her mature son for almost 3 years.

On Monday, the girl was detained on suspicion of”unlawful deprivation of freedom” and”causing grievous bodily injury” following a comparative found the guy in a flat from the southern portion of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Her son had been found with injuries, like bruises and nausea, at a flat which was explained as filled with crap and filth.

“The man himself stated that it had been up to him to choose whether he wished to leave the apartment,” she added, including that witnesses had sometimes seen him out.

Prosecutors also have said the 41-year-old person’s injuries couldn’t be credited to inflicted violence.

Emma Olsson stated in an announcement that “suspicions against the defendant girl have diminished” following her son was questioned by the police.

Prosecutors explained her son’s injuries were due to his ill-health rather than violence. He stays in the hospital.

Social services in Sweden are currently investigating the situation, after reports that the child was taken from school at a young age and then dispersed.

“It’s questionable whether he’s fit to be a mom, however, it’s currently up to the social services to look to this problem,” the prosecutor said.

“Society should now help this guy, and this girl also. And be sure we can stop this type of thing from happening again,” she added.