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Nord Stream 2: Poland fines Russian energy giant Gazprom $6.5 billion on gas pipeline

Poland has arranged that the Russian energy giant Gazprom to cover a $6.5bn fine within the building of this Nord Stream 2 gasoline pipeline.

Poland’s competition watchdog claims that the job will unfairly boost the business’s dominance of the market, with possibly serious implications for the nation’s market.

Gazprom is directing the Baltic Sea pipeline project, which might enable Germany to double its gas imports from Russia.

The business says it’s going to appeal the decision. It insists there are no reasons for its fine and states that the penalty is a politically-motivated proceed to please the US authorities.

The German authorities meanwhile have thus far stayed very wary about questioning the undertaking, though its connections with Moscow are now at a very low ebb.

Among the causes of the present tense is that the murder of a Chechen veteran Zelimkhan”Tornike” Khangoshvili at a Berlin park with the alleged operative of Russia’s GRU national agency, whose trial started in the German capital on Wednesday.

The poisoning of Russian resistance chief Alexei Navalny – that had been treated at a Berlin hospital has also strained relations. Heiko Maas, the German foreign ministry, was quoted by Bild in September as stating that he hopped Russia”don’t induce us to alter our stance, Nord Stream”.