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North Korea States U.S., South Korea Need to Introduce new Alternatives for Battle

America and South Korea need to create new alternatives for the present standoff on the Korean Peninsula, a senior North Korean military officer said on Monday, cautioning that aggressive policies towards Pyongyang could create serious consequences.

Last month North Korea issued a veiled threat about finishing the frost in long-range missile analyzing amid continued financial sanctions and pressure geared toward forcing it to give up its nuclear and ballistic missiles programs.

“Though it’s been more than 1 year because the DPRK-U.S. joint announcement was adopted, there’s absolutely no progress in enhancing bilateral relations between both nations, entirely due to their U.S.’ anachronistic, hostile policies against the DPRK,” Kim said, referring to his own nation by the initials of its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Also, he accused South Korea of a”double-dealing mindset” in continuing to execute military exercises with the U.S. and purchasing complex military equipment.

“Bearing in mind that our company will to protect peace in the area, the USA and the South Korean government have to refrain from any activities disrupting the equilibrium of this situation and think of a fresh method for solving the issue,” Kim stated.

North Korea has conducted missile tests lately, such as that of a submarine-launched ballistic missile, also broke off the hottest working-level atomic talks with all the U.S. in early October.

Pyongyang’s top negotiator for the discussions attributed the U.S. for its breakdown and also said Washington”attracted nothing” to the bargaining table.

Pyongyang has up to now stuck into a freeze in analyzing atomic weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles which have been set up since 2017 and enabled for three encounters involving its leader, Kim Jong Un, and U.S. President Donald Trump since the previous year.

North Korean state media reported on Kim Jong Un’s trip to Mt Paektu, the spiritual homeland of the Kim dynasty, which his aides are convinced that the leader aims”a fantastic performance,” which experts say can indicate a significant change in Pyongyang’s stance towards the U.S. at the forthcoming months.

Some analysts state potential North Korean activities could include a second space launching or an intercontinental ballistic missile test.