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North Korean and South Korean troops Trade fire on the Boundary

North and South Korean troops exchanged fire along their tense border on Sunday, the South’s army said, blaming North Korean soldiers for targeting a shielded place.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff at Seoul said in a declaration that North Korean soldiers fired several bullets in a South Korean guard post inside the heavily fortified border. South Korea fired two rounds response after issuing a warning air, it stated.

South Korea suffered no casualties, the army said. It is unknown if North Korea had some casualties. The North’s official Korean Central News Agency has not reported the episode.

This comes a day after North Korea broadcast pictures of leader Kim Jong Un reappearing in people following a 20-day lack amid intense speculation regarding his health.

KCNA said Kim attended Friday’s ceremony marking the conclusion of a fertilizer mill near Pyongyang and senior officers. State TV showed Kim grinning and walking around mill centers.

Speculation about his health started swirling after he missed an April 15 event commemorating the birthday of his grandfather and say, founder, Kim Il Sung, something that he hadn’t ever done because devoting power upon his father Kim Jong Il’s departure in late 2011.

The Koreas are divided across the 248-kilometer (155-mile) -extended, 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) -the broad boundary is known as the Demilitarized Zone which was initially made as a buffer.

But unlike its title, the DMZ is the planet’s most heavily fortified border. An estimated two million mines have been peppered indoors and close to the DMZ, which can be safeguarded by barbed wire fences, tank traps, and fight troops on each side.

In late 2018, both Koreas started destroying some of the front-line guard posts and removing mines in the DMZ as a part of measures to reduce anxieties.

However, the attempts postponed amid a deadlock in nuclear negotiations between Kim and President Donald Trump supposed to persuade North Korea to give up its arsenal in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.

The last time there was gunfire across the boundary was in 2017, when North Korea sprayed bullets in a soldier visiting South Korea.