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North Macedonia: Police Detain three men on suspicion of terrorism

Authorities in North Macedonia have arrested three men on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in the Nation

The suspects – aged in their twenties – had formerly been convicted of involvement in the Islamic Condition militant group.

They had been detained on suspicion of creating and engaging in a”criminal mobile” and planning a terrorist action in North Macedonia, according to an Interior Ministry announcement.

The team members supposedly provided financial means and secured weapons, ammunition, and military gear, they buried close to a street in the village of Biljanovce.

Authorities also seized a high number of weapons in raids in five distinct places, such as five automatic rifles, a machine gun along with 18 ammunition belts.

Five grenade launchers with fuses, camouflage clothes, and tactical vests were recovered from a speech in the capital, Skopje.

More raids in the northern city of Kumanovo and Skopje resulted in the seizure of 2 handmade straps full of explosives, metal ball bearings, blades, and volatile fuses, among other products.

The operation was completed from the Interior Ministry at co-operation together with the National Security Agency of North Macedonia and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Police state that three suspects had served prison sentences in their return in the Middle East.

In 2016, police estimated that some 150 Macedonian nationals had gone to struggle alongside Islamic insurgents in Iraq and Syria.

Most were out of the country’s largely Muslim ethnic Albanian minority, which reflects roughly one-fourth of North Macedonia’s entire population.