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‘Now prosecute them’: US tells Pakistan about Detained LeT operatives

The USA has urged Pakistan, which has a lengthy history of releasing and catching terrorists operating from the own soil, to successfully prosecute top Lashkar-e-Toiba operatives it detained recently, before a vital meeting of an international watchdog on terror funding following week.

“The victims of LeT’s barbarous attacks deserve to observe these folks prosecuted now, together with LeT leader Hafiz Saeed,” Alice Wells, head of the US state department’s South and Central Asian agency, composed on Twitter on Sunday, welcoming the arrests and depriving Pakistan of its duty to finish its catch-and-release way of dealing with terrorists.

Invoking Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements in this respect, Wells added, “Pakistan because of its future has to stop militant groups from working on its land.”

Saeed was in custody since July.

These brand new arrests along with other long-overdue counter-terrorism steps by Pakistan are known to be connected to the coming meeting — from October 13 to 18 — of the Financial Action Task Force in Paris. It may determine, among other items, whether Pakistan has achieved enough to escape being transferred from the”gray list” into the”blacklist” of egregious criminals.

Pakistan has a history of grabbing terrorists to divert global focus when things get too hot and gently release them afterward. Saeed, the LeT creator and mastermind of the Mumbai strikes of 2008, was captured at least eight occasions since 2001 and published each moment.

Saeed was arrested for the ninth time in July, a month following the FATF saw Pakistan vastly short of goals specified by the watchdog from 2018 to dismantle the fiscal arrangement that helped terrorist funding and money-laundering.

US diplomat Wells’s allure for its prosecution of the detained LeT operatives and Saeed, that conveys a US reward of $10 million to his arrest, is the most up-to-date in a string of US calls pronounced sometimes by aggravation and frustration. After he had been discharged from custody in 2017, the White House had angrily warned of”consequences” if he was not arrested immediately.

He was not and the Trump government suspended all safety-related support to Pakistan following a couple of months, after a tweet by the president decrying”lies and deceit” from Pakistan.

There’s been a softening of the rhetoric in the US towards Pakistan lately given Islamabad’s help in bringing the Taliban, yet another designated terrorist group that it controls, to the bargaining table for peace in Afghanistan. And Prime Minister Khan has been granted a White House meeting with Trump as part of the effort.