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NYPD cop stripped of gun, badge for arresting Guy for social distancing violation

An NYC police officer who had been captured on movie Saturday pointing a stun gun in a guy and taking him into the floor over an alleged social media violation was stripped of his badge and gun and put on desk duty pending an internal investigation.

Bystander video revealed the plainclothes officer, that had been not even wearing a protective face mask, slapping 33-year-old Donni Wright from the face, hitting him at the shoulder, and then dragging him into a sidewalk following leveling him at a crosswalk at Manhattan’s East Village.

“The behavior I saw in that movie is not okay,” Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted Sunday. He explained earlier in the afternoon that there’ll be careful research into exactly what occurred.

A message seeking comment was left with all the police officers union.

Wright’s arrest and the two other individuals minutes before on precisely the same block over in a public housing complex raised new questions regarding the police department’s use of power, the part of officers in Implementing social bookmarking steps, and inconsistency in the way they’re implemented.

The way of Wright’s arrest seemed to replicate that of 20-year-old Fitzroy Gayle, that had been spotted on bystander video begging for assistance as many officers wrestled him to submission on a Brooklyn sidewalk in early March.

Jennine Wong, an attorney with the Legal Aid Society’s Cop Accountability Project, stated footage from the arrests Saturday stood in sharp contrast to video and photos — such as some tweeted by the police division — revealing officers in crowded town parks handing out face masks and gently reminding people to remain 6 ft apart.

“This surely is not the first time and that is not the very first time within this pandemic which we have seen signs of discriminatory policing from the NYPD,” Wong explained.

Carolyn Martinez-Class, of the police watchdog Communities United for Police Reform, stated: “This episode exemplifies why public health professions and community partners must be liable for social distancing schooling and creating criteria — not authorities.”

On Saturday they issued 51 summonses, including 43 in town parks. In a news conference Sunday,” Shea stated that he had been conscious of only three arrests.

Minutes before the confrontation with Wright, video by a nearby security camera revealed officers used force in arresting a few for allegedly neglecting to comply when asked to distribute.

The bystander movie of Wright’s arrest revealed the plainclothes officer, Francisco Garcia, helping take one of these people to the floor before turning his focus to Wright, who had been moving toward the region of the arrest from roughly 10 to 15 ft off.

Garcia — at a black T-shirt, jeans and a Yankees cap — flipped toward Wright and murdered at him to”(get) back now,” by the movie.

Garcia continued toward Wright and finally holstered his Taser. It was not apparent what Wright was doing since he was not at the framework the whole time, though only before Garcia handled him he had been spotted stopping and standing in the front of the office together with what seemed like a clenched fist in his side.

“What you dangling for? Do not flex,” Garcia said, before catching Wright and wrestling him to the floor, slapping and hitting him in the procedure. The officer took Wright’s arm and hauled him by the crosswalk where he stumbled back on the sidewalk and then pushed him on his belly.

Kneeling on the very top of Wright’s neck or back to keep him down, the plainclothes officer began jawing and cursing in bystanders.

Among them yelled back” he didn’t even do nothing”