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Obama Jumps to Greta Thunberg’s defence Following Trump swipe

Michelle Obama jumped into the defense of Greta Thunberg following her husband’s successor criticized a recent grant into the teenage climate activist.

The 16-year-old Swede was that this week called as Time magazine’s Man of the year, something US President Donald Trump known as”ridiculous”.

He advised Thunberg to”chill” and operate on her anger control issue, shot by some as a reference to her”how dare you” speech.

Obama was one of those to leap in and struggle Thunberg’s corner since she attended the COP25 climate summit in Madrid.

“Do not let anybody dim your light,” composed Obama. “You’ve got so much to provide us all.

Thunberg afterward employed a speech in the COP25 to accuse world leaders of polishing their pictures instead of combating climate change.

“The true threat is when politicians and CEOs are making it seem like real action is occurring when almost nothing has been done besides smart accounting and inventive PR,” she explained.