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Oktoberfest cancelled: Danger’Just too Good’ to Proceed with world’s biggest beer festival

This year’s Oktoberfest — the world’s largest beer festival — was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bavaria’s leading politician stated the probability of moving ahead was”just too good”.

The festival, which attracts millions of individuals to Munich from all around the world every year, occurs in September and the first day or two of October.

Reiter stated it had been an emotionally tough second, and it was also a challenging moment for the town efficiently. The Wiesn, since it’s known locally, anticipated around six million people this season.

“Living with corona means residing carefully until there’s a medication or drug,” additional Söder.

The regional leaders chose a festival of these large amounts that would create complying with hygiene regulations overly hard.

Federal and state authorities have decided to prohibit big events before the end of August, but in recent months it was evident that there was barely any opportunity to the world’s biggest public festival to proceed only 3 weeks later.

Even at the end of March, it had been stated that the decision could be made as soon as possible – at the end of the Mayor at the start of June at the latest. Then the town would have needed to issue licenses for landlords, showmen and market dealers. At the start of July, the building would have begun.

Economic price of about $1.2 billion
The economy is a significant blow for the market. According to the town, the Wiesn 2019 had an economic worth of about $1.23 billion.

The festival has just been called off in the past for exceptional conditions. Both world wars and hyperinflation of 1923 were other conditions to put a stop to the festivities.

What do you believe? Has Bavaria made the ideal choice to cancel Oktoberfest?