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Old Man Thor Seem Shown by Marvel honcho, States’thank God they did Not pick this one’

Whenever there are tens of thousands of dollars riding in your movie, manufacturers make certain everything is pitch-perfect until it’s introduced to the viewers. When Andy Park, Marvel Studios’ manager of visual improvement, came up with ancient concept art for Thor: Ragnarok, a number of his thoughts were shot down from the studios.

This weekend, Andy shared two bits of concept artwork for Thor in their ancient imaginings. The two artworks are very different from the last product.

The first bit is closer to Chris Hemsworth’s’Fat Thor’s appearance from Avengers: Endgame than anything else. He’s, shoulder-length hair, a scruffy beard and he seems chunkier than previously. Andy stated that director Taika Waititi has advised him to envision Thor as somebody who’d been taking care of himself considerably.

No, this is the very intense concept variant I came upon how scruffy our Lord of Thunder could look like at Thor: Ragnarok. @taikawaititi desired another & road-worn appearing Thor that has not dressed in some moment. I knew it had been too much but that is what you have ta do in theory artwork – provide the manager & manufacturers the selection of alternatives so that they may feel confident in the way they choose. Sometimes they surprise you & decide on the one that you thought was”too much.” Thank God they did not select that one,” he captioned his article.

But fans weren’t as critical of their appearance. “I like this version better! This look shows how much Thor was willing to proceed, all of the energy and time invested to safeguard Asgard,” wrote one.

The next image is somewhat more near the last edition. It reveals Thor with a buzz cut, appearing thinner than each with his chin and the muscles on his throat popping outside. “And here is another end of this spectrum! This is a haircut I did during preproduction of Thor: Ragnarok when @therealstanlee went even crazier with these knarly blades.

Fans made their particular requests from the comments. “We want a funny style for another Thor! Anyone else” read a remark. “Seems like somebody from Game of Thrones,” read the following comment.

Chris’s final appearance was something more in between them both. He brandished his eight-pack abs and toned body with shorter hair than some of those four MCU movies he’d looked in before.

Following Fat Thor fans are eagerly awaiting his appearance at Thor: Love and Thunder, that can star Chris and Natalie Portman. The movie will also be led by Taika.